Horace Grant – The General With Goggles

February 27, 2011 Basketball Goggles Staff 1

Equally known for his basketball goggles as for his basketball skills, Horace Grant will be remebered as one of the better Power Forwards in NBA history. Grant, also known as the “General”, won 4 NBA titles, three of them with the Chicago Bulls in the early 90-ties.

Polycarbonate Lenses Offer Best Eye Protection

February 23, 2011 Basketball Goggles Staff 0

In previous articles we talked about the importance of wearing protective goggles in most contact sports, especially basketball, where eye injuries occur more frequently. We also pointed out that ordinary glasses can’t protect you from eye injuries – they can brake easily and some pieces of glass can cause severe eye damage.

HoopsKing Dribble Goggles Review

February 15, 2011 Basketball Goggles Staff 0

There are quite a few various products on the market for players to improve and understand the game of basketball. One of them is designed to improve players’ dribbling, forcing them not to watch the ball while they’re doing it. Heads Up Dribble Aid Goggles are a tool focused on correcting many old players’ wrong habits and implementing the better ones.

Your Children’s Safety Should be a Priority

February 12, 2011 Basketball Goggles Staff 0

The following article should be helpful to parents who want to protect their children from unnecessary injuries on the sports field. We’ll talk about protective goggles which can prevent the vast majority of eye injuries in riskiest sports, primarily basketball, football and baseball.