Don’t Want a Headache? Use Your Protective Glasses!

So, you think that eye injuries just happen to other people and never thought of wearing protective glasses? Well, think again, because the following information could save you from potential headaches caused by eye injuries on the sports field.

A study conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology showed that almost 50,000 eye injuries occur on sports fields across the USA. The most interesting thing in this story is the fact that most of these injuries can be prevented. The study says that 90 percent of those injuries could be prevented by wearing protective glasses.

When we talk about the riskiest sports as far as injuries are concerned, we automatically think of hockey or football. But if you look at eye injury statistics, basketball and baseball convincingly occupy the top two spots, followed by water sports, tennis, and racquetball.

There are three types of eye trauma that may occur during sporting events: corneal abrasion, blunt injuries and penetrating injuries. The most common cause of corneal abrasion is a scratch from a fingernail. The most famous “victim” of that injury is certainly the best NBA scorer of all time – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Jabbar injured his eye in 1968 in the NCAA game against California State University. After this incident, he wore protective glasses until the end of his basketball career, which made him recognizable worldwide.

The other two types of eye injuries are also not negligible. Blunt injuries are caused when an object (fist, ball, elbow, etc…) causes sudden compression of the eye. The most dangerous of them all – penetrating injuries – happen when a foreign object pierces the eye. This can happen when glass from spectacles penetrate the eye during play.

As we said, most of those injuries can be prevented. There are numerous protective glasses on the market and they greatly reduce the chance of eye injuries. Regular glasses don’t offer enough protection, and on top of that, they may shatter and cut the eye. Most modern protective glasses are made of polycarbonate and they are specially designed for sports use. Whether you play basketball, baseball or any other sport where there is the possibility of eye injury, investing in protective glasses could pay off many times.

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