Your Children’s Safety Should be a Priority

The following article should be helpful to parents who want to protect their children from unnecessary injuries on the sports field and buy them adequate basketball goggles, which can prevent the vast majority of eye injuries in riskiest sports, primarily basketball.

It’s completely understandable that most of the parents want only the best for their children. They want them secured and protected at all times – from school to sports activities. But what if their child participates in, at least on paper, in a pretty dangerous sport which doesn’t have protection for any part of the body?

Studies show that half of eye injuries happen to children aged 14 and younger, and basketball is held responsible for a large portion of these injuries. Eye injuries are the leading cause of childhood blindness in the U.S. – and what is worse – they could have been avoidable by wearing basketball goggles.

When you decide to protect your child and buy him basketball goggles, you should gather as much information as you can. If your child already has regular eyeglasses or lenses, contact your doctor or ophthalmologist first. He will advise you what to do for your child to start wearing protective goggles.

Polycarbonate Lenses

The most important thing in the buying basketball goggles process is that they must have polycarbonate lenses. Not only they are virtually unbreakable but they also protect the eyes up to 10 times more than ordinary plastic. Finally, the protective goggles will protect your child’s eyes from all sorts of bumps, scrapes and ball impacts. Before you buy your goggles, be sure they have the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) label written on them, which should guarantee they passed all safety procedures before coming to the shop.

It is a matter of common sense that ordinary sunglasses are not suitable for any kind of sport. They can’t protect the child in any sense: they can be easily removed and broken fragments of glass can lead to permanent eye damage.

It’s very important to let your child try several types of basketball goggles because they must fit perfectly on children’s face. If that isn’t a case, goggles can easily fall out, which isn’t the reason why you bought them in the first place. If you need to do it, adjust the elastic strap and check if the frame covers the whole eye socket.

In any case, inform yourself before buying basketball goggles for children, because the child’s safety should be a priority. Go to the Internet, visit the various forums, ask you, local salesman – so when you finally decide to buy the basketball goggles, you will have much easier task than someone who doesn’t know anything on this particular subject.

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