HoopsKing Dribble Goggles Review

There are quite a few various products on the market for players to improve and understand the game of basketball. One of them is designed to improve players’ dribbling, forcing them not to watch…  the ball while they’re doing it. HoopsKing Dribble Goggles are a tool focused on correcting many old players’ wrong habits and implementing the better ones.

Listening to coaches and players who bought Dribble Aid Goggles, one thing becomes crystal clear pretty quickly – they make a difference. If players don’t adopt the right basketball techniques from the start, it becomes much harder to correct them in the future. One of the most basic things that coaches emphasize from the beginning is how to dribble and control the ball properly. Unfortunately, this is still a major problem for many players as they’re still watching their hands while dribbling the ball.

Fortunately, there are products on the market which can help them to achieve much better court awareness and bigger confidence on the court. HoopsKing Dribble Goggles goggles completely block players’ peripheral vision, while at the same time prevent them from looking down at the ball. Goggles fill one more important purpose – they protect eyes from injuries. Their basic function, though, is to improve game feel and a better understanding of basketball.

Reading the various forum feedback from coaches and players who bought HoopsKing Dribble Goggles, the common denominator of all of their testimonies is that goggles really work. One of the coaches praised the progress of his players in nearly all basketball technical aspects – from reduced kicked balls to better peripheral vision and better understanding of the game. Finally, they say, the players don’t watch the ball while dribbling, but rather what they need to do on the court to help their teams.

We found another interesting reaction on HoopsKing Dribble Goggles – one player, according to his words, was wearing them in bed (!). He added that after some time, wearing goggles become quite normal. He started to look for the open teammate instead of the ball, and during fastbreaks, he had no choice but to look “up”.

The HoopsKing Dribble Goggles fit almost any face or head. They are made of soft plastic and have an adjustable strap that can be adjusted in any way you like. They come in one size fits all package, and as we said before, completely block the lower part of the eyes. The goggles have also a protective function in guarding eyes against the physical contact.

HoopsKing Dribble Goggles





  • Work as advertised


  • Can fall off after excessive sweating

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