Polycarbonate Lenses Offer Best Eye Protection

In previous articles, we talked about the importance of wearing protective goggles – preferably with polycarbonate lenses – in most contact sports where eye injuries occur more frequently. We also pointed out that ordinary glasses can’t protect you from eye injuries – they can break easily and some pieces of glass can cause severe eye damage.

When we talk about protective goggles and materials they must be made of, there’s no doubt that the goggles with polycarbonate lenses offer the best eye protection. Polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes up to 10 times more than ordinary glasses, they are virtually unbreakable and on top of that, they are almost twice as lighter.

They have been used in various sports for many years – from basketball, baseball, and football to racquetball. Polycarbonate is even used as the main material of astronauts’ helmet visors, CD’s and bulletproof windows.

If you’re buying only polycarbonate lens, it’s essential to place them within quality goggle frame. Generally speaking, these polycarbonate goggles are a bit more expensive than regular glasses, but the protection they provide is well worth the higher price.

If you have any doubt what safety goggles to buy for yourself or your child, buy goggles with polycarbonate lenses. Besides being lighter, more durable and offer significantly better protection from any kind of impact, polycarbonate lenses offer 100% protection from harmful UV radiation, something that ordinary eyeglasses can’t fulfill.

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