Don’t Be Cheap, Buy Quality Goggle Frames

When it comes to choosing your sports (in this case basketball) goggles, you should meet the most important criterion – protect your eyes. After that, we can talk about less important things, such as price, form, and comfort. In the previous article we talked about the protective lenses, but in this one, we’ll emphasize the importance of choosing quality frames for your basketball goggles.

If you are buying basketball goggles for the first time, it is important to point out that purchasing protective lenses will not be enough to protect you from possible bumps, scrapes or other injuries that can happen to you while playing basketball. Take for example the best lenses on the market – polycarbonate lenses – which can be installed on most frames on the market.

Although it would probably be a little cheaper to buy ordinary frames for your new lenses, the potential damage to your health could be immeasurable. Ordinary plastic or metal glasses frames do not offer much protection, and as a consequence of contact or blows could easily break.

For best protection, with the purchase of polycarbonate lenses, be sure your basketball glasses have flexon or nylon frames. Polycarbonate frames are also used for goggle frames, as goggles made of cellulose propionate, which is used for swimming.

Nike, one of the largest manufacturers of sports equipment, also produce flexon for their goggles, for its lightweight and durable quality. Flexon is a material made of titanium-based alloy, which together with its tested quality and flexibility guarantees the persistence of the shape of the goggles.

Nylon frames are also widespread and used for all kinds of sports goggles. Like flexon, nylon is lightweight and durable too, but just a little less flexible. Among major manufacturers that use nylon for their frames, Oakley is worth pointing out for the usage of their patented O-Matter material. This is a lightweight synthetic which protects against all types of strokes and natural disasters.

If you have decided to buy basketball goggles, don’t choose the least expensive ones. Rather spend a couple of dollars more on quality goggles that will guarantee better protection for your eyes. Remember, lenses are just as important for the quality of basketball goggles as the frame in which they are located.

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