Head Master Protective Goggles Review

Due to increasing number of eye injuries, basketball goggles are becoming pretty popular choice among many professional and amateur athletes. To make your protective eyewear search a little easier, we’ll continue to write about a variety of basketball goggles on the market. Today we’ll take a closer look at Head Master Protective Goggles from Head, one of the leading companies that manufacture protective equipment.

Like most of the goggles on today’s market, Master Protective Eyewear lenses are made from nearly unbreakable polycarbonate. Polycarbonate lenses will protect the athletes from bumps, scratches and all other possible impacts. Master Protective Eyewear are lightweight and very durable, which make them an excellent choice for most contact sports.

Glasses anti-fog treated lenses should prevent inside fogging, or at least keep it at a minimum. Head Master Protective Goggles also comes with an elastic strap, which should prevent the glasses from moving during possible contacts with opposing players. For greater safety and comfort, the elastic strap can be adjusted to the desired size.

Master Protective glasses received mixed reviews from people who bought them. The most common criticism is that they fog from the inside, which significantly reduces their visibility. The second biggest complaint is their nose rubber padding, which theoretically should give players even more comfort and stability. Many customers complain about the fact that rubber padding is moving and even detaching at times, which, of course, can lead to additional injuries.

Other customers, however, do not share that opinion. One of the reviewers underlines particular situation in which Head Master Protective Goggles saved his eye, while others emphasize their value compared to the cost and quality they provide.

Head Master Protective Goggles





  • Durable frames for the price
  • Good visibility area


  • Rubber nose bridge can come off easily
  • Prone to fogging
  • Prone to scratching

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