The Most Dangerous Sports In The World

In our previous articles, we wrote about the importance of wearing protective goggles on the sports field. Nevertheless, most people still don’t take their eye protection too seriously. This behavior, unfortunately, can cause serious injuries, loss of an eye or even blindness.

Almost 25 percent of the more than a 2 million eye injuries that occur in the USA each year, happen during various sports and recreational activities. Although the vast majority of eye injuries are not particularly serious, a certain percentage of those injuries can cause serious health problems.

The worst thing is that almost 90 percent of those injuries could have been avoided by wearing protective goggles. Most eye injuries are inflicted in team sports like basketball and baseball, but individual sports like squash and racquetball are equally dangerous, too.

The situation in Europe is slightly different. At the end of the nineties, Portugal published two interesting scientific studies on sports-related eye injuries. The first study revealed that most sports eye injuries in Portugal (72.6%) are caused by soccer. Most of the patients were young people in the mid-twenties.

Another study, which covered a longer period of time (1992-2002), concentrated on modern sports which caused 8.4% of overall eye injuries. The most dangerous modern sports, according to their study, are squash (29.2% of overall modern sports injuries), paintball (20.8%) and motocross (16.6%). In Great Britain, for example, over 4000 people per year injured their eyes just playing squash.

The U.S. data is even more precise. Baseball is the most dangerous sport regarding eye injuries for children 14 years and younger, while basketball is leading cause of eye injuries for young people aged 15-24. Most of those injuries, that cost the USA over 200 million dollars per year, could have been avoided by just wearing $15 protective glasses.

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