HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear Review

HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear glasses are designed to protect your eyes from injuries on the sports field – most people use them primarily for racquetball, but you can wear them on a basketball or even tennis court, too.

The main advantage of these glasses is their price, nonetheless, their lenses are made from distortion-free polycarbonate, which should be a guarantee that you will not have to buy another pair in a foreseeable future. The lenses are also treated with the anti-fog and anti-scratch layers.

However, most of the customers that bought HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear glasses complain about the fact they fog pretty easily, which significantly affects their final grade. Some individuals also claim the glasses can break after the fairly light impact. On the other hand, many people simply didn’t have any of the mentioned problems and they are particularly praising HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear glasses price and great visibility.

HEAD Rave Protective Eyewear





  • Price
  • Glasses clarity


  • Not very comfortable
  • Prone to fogging
  • Not impact resistant

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